As Australia begins to open back up Perth’s Nautical Mile are eager to get things rolling again. While the country has been lockdown they have signed a deal with a US record label and have released an EP that many are saying is there best yet. Now as the band prepares to do some local […] …Continue Reading

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Nautical Mile’s Embers EP is released today globally via US label Manic Kat Records. The band are also releasing their video for big pop punk anthem Suppression. Their EP release tour dates are just over the horizon, presented by the label and with their mates Carrington alongside them – BUT, in one *tiny* piece of bad news, the Melbourne […] …Continue Reading

Manic Kat Records
10 September 2021

What a better way to end a long weekend then by reviewing a pop punk EP. Hang on, bear with me while I throw up in my mouth a just little …
Alright, now that’s sorted, I’ll try to review this thing with the least amount of bias as possible.
The Embers EP by Nautical Mile kicks off with a track titled Dying Light, which like every good pop punk song kicks off with slightly flat sing along intro.
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