Budding rockstar Nandi Bushell, the British 10-year-old girl who has captured our hearts, has released a new cover of The Who classic “My Generation,” paying tribute to their iconic drummer Keith Moon. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. The Youtube description reads “WARNING: Extreme Awesomeness and Flashing Lights! Bruh! Keith Moon!!!Continue Reading

It’s been really fun watching 10-year-old Nandi Bushell’s progression as a musician these last few years. Now, Nandi is getting into looping! She got a whole bunch of new toys from instrument companies and is slowly learning how to use all of them. She shows off her new Boss RCContinue Reading

We have a huge appreciation for 10-year-old musician Nandi Bushell. Whether she’s putting out her own music, covers, or having drum-offs with Dave Grohl, the energetic tween is constantly putting a smile on our faces. Nandi is back with a new cover, this time tackling a heavier tune – “Unsainted”Continue Reading

From drive-in shows to socially distanced covers to evolving the livestream experience. Continue reading… …Continue Reading

Nandi Bushell, writer of super positive music and defeater of Dave Grohl, is back with yet another incredibly good cover. Bushell has tackled Muse‘s 2003 track “Hysteria” from their album Absolution on both guitar and bass. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. She did such a good job with the coverContinue Reading