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To your average listener, death metal does not sound sexy. Sex is an act that makes one feel alive and in touch with their body, and exists in part to create new life. Death metal, […]
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Okay, so this list made me a little uncomfortable. Apparently, 2011 wasn’t “just a couple of years ago” anymore. 10 years really flies when you’re headbanging! Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Here is a list of 50 albums turning 10 this year. Abysmal Dawn – Leveling The Plane of ExistenceContinue Reading

If the phrase It takes one to know one has any merit, then Tribulation should be able to spot a vampire. The Swedish black’n’goth band struck oil with their sweeping 2015 album The Children Of The […]
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The pulverizing black metallars, AUTOMB, featuring Serge Streltsov ex-NECROPHAGIA, Scott Fuller of MORBID ANGEL, and Danielle Evans are a deadly band we’ve talked about many times, and today we’re stoked to premiere their latest music video for “Chaosophy”. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Coming off their newest album, Chaosophy, releasedContinue Reading