Snarky Puppy drummer Larnell Lewis just heard Metallica‘s 1991 hit “Enter Sandman” for the first time ever, and then completely crushed it on drums front to back right after. Though if you’ve ever seen Lewis drum with Snarky Puppy, then you’re likely not at all surprised by his insane skill.Continue Reading

Also includes Metallica, August Burns Red, Mötley Crüe, and more.
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Metallica played The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on a special Super Bowl Sunday edition last month, and today, the thrash titans announced they’re coming back for another round on the show. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Metallica will perform on the March 3rd edition of the show. The bandContinue Reading

Denis Pauna, the man who re-imagined Metallica as if Type O Negative wrote their music, is back with a much more German angle. Specifically Rammstein, and what it would sound like if they had written Metallica‘s 1991 hit “Enter Sandman”. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. As always, Pauna does aContinue Reading

Since the genre’s inception, heavy metal has been a musical art form that’s regularly sung out of key by its drunker fans. If Beavis and Butthead taught us anything, it’s that any band who writes […]
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