Sydney based prog-metalcore dynamos Repriever are crashing into 2021 with the full force of a sledgehammer with the release of their blisteringly visceral new single “Grim”.
The ferocious and impactful track stands as a powerful follow-up to the cult success of the quintet’s debut EP Idle Minds and a testament to the…Continue Reading

Rapidly rising US metalcore outfit and UNFD‘s latest signings Hollow Front have revealed a new cut of their track “Falling Apart”, featuring Fit For A King‘s Ryan Kirby alongside an anime-style music video.
The release comes as UNFD release a special re-issue of Hollow Front’s acclaimed debut album Loose Threads on vinyl…Continue Reading

Of Mice & Men are one of those bands who refuse to conform to the whims and desires of an industry that is ultimately there to serve them.
Their music is truly an expression of life verses art and is the anthesis of conventional acceptance.
In the modern age where less is more,…Continue Reading

Alienist are overcoming all resistance to release their new music – and it’s gaining momentum!
Their new single “Inertia” will be released on Friday, March 26 – and it will be available on all digital stores and streaming platforms at
Vocalist Lachlan Forsberg says that the meaning and themes of “Inertia” are…Continue Reading

Heavy metal/metalcore band Traverse The Abyss have released their new humour-driven music video “Faucet Mouth”.
Clearly not taking themselves too seriously, this spoof video shows the band dressed as different genres with gold chains to cowboy hats and cheetah print to chest tattoos.
Watch “Faucet Mouth” below:

Continue reading TRAVERSE THE ABYSS With New…Continue Reading

German metal quintet The Oklahoma Kid have released the alternative version of “Shaking Off The Disease” from their debut album Solarray.
“This one is for everyone patiently waiting for our second album cycle to begin and we have some more re-arranged songs of “Solarray” to be released soon,” the band said in…Continue Reading

With A Day To Remember set to drop their latest album You’re Welcome on March 5 the music world is once again abuzz at the bold, fresh stance taken by the band.
They continually push the envelope with each release and have a blatant disregard for convention or expectation, which is perhaps…Continue Reading

Si-Fest is upon us!
This Saturday night, February 20, sees the Brisbane metal community unite to pay respects and raise money for Simon Russell-White, vocalist from local outfit Massic, who suffered a near-fatal heart complication late last year.
That Simon is still with us is a miracle in itself, but with life-saving open-heart…Continue Reading