Hailing from Sacramento in the good ol’ USA metalcore outfit A Moments Notice have been wowing us with some amazing singles over the past twelve months. Despite being a young band they rise has been pretty swift and they even found themselves recently nominated for a music award in their home State putting them alongside […] …Continue Reading

Buffalo quartet Until I Wake have shared the new single Forsaken which you can check out below. The song paints a bleak picture, with the band saying, “‘Forsaken’ is about a post-apocalyptic, post-rapture, godless society. People have given up on God and the earth is a wasteland run by pagan cults who have reverted back to the old ways of human sacrifice. The […] …Continue Reading

Interview by CJ Nash Melbourne metalcore outfit Vatic have outdone themselves again with their latest haunted house inspired single 217. Painting a sonic landscape by combining cinematic textures with crushing guitar and a barrage of gut-wrenching screams, 217 conjures all of the elements of a gore-filled horror film, harnessed into a neat musical package that […] …Continue Reading

Australia’s largest and favourite travelling music festival, aka Good Things Festival, is officially returning to ignite mosh pits and more along the east coast in December – and we can’t wait to celebrate with you! With so few things to celebrate over the past few years and a severe lack of live music and festivals, it’s about […] …Continue Reading

Vancouver, BC Canada based Metalcore band 2 Shadows have released their debut EP ‘Bring The Cold Inside’ on Rock Shop Records. They are also sharing the video for lead track ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ that features Ryan Hayes of Righteous Vendetta on guest vocals.  The song has been added to key Rock & Metal playlists at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon […] …Continue Reading

Michigan metalcore band Of Virtue have premiered the video for the new single Hypocrite. “Hypocrite is all about the negativity building up inside of us — everything that you hate about yourself, looking at you in the mirror,” the band says. “We know who we are, but we refuse to change, eroding our potential by burning bridges in […] …Continue Reading

By Coco Le Sex Bomb Rising from the remnants of Wake The Blind, Melbourne metalcore outfit Liar are just taking their formative steps into the wider musical landscape. With a blending of genres weaving hardcore, emo, hip hop and metal, Liar are an amalgamation of the many styles that have influenced them, delivered with a […] …Continue Reading

Sydney alternative metal band Broken Earth have found their flame on new single BLACK SKIES, a ferocious indictment on Australia’s power sources. Inspired by the inaction taken by the Liberal government during the wake of the 2019 and 2020 bushfires, BLACK SKIES acts as a reminder, as well as a warning, of the fury that is growing from those affected by the […] …Continue Reading

June 3 Nuclear Blast Records For more than 17 years Scottish metal outfit Bleed From Within have ruled the European roost when it comes to genre-blending. Drawing from all manners of genres and subgenres to create a sound identifiably their own, Bleed From Within have refined their sound with each album, unafraid to experiment within […] …Continue Reading

Curse of Existence, the seventh studio album from MISS MAY I, explodes with the life experience of an established band, the uncertainty of mental health struggles, the isolation of the global shutdown, and the perspective gained from the most extensive time away from the road of each man’s adult life. “Curse Of Existence is exactly what it […] …Continue Reading