There is a reasonable case to be made that Gojira may be the most transformative, influential and important band in heavy music over the course of the past twenty-five years. Much like ground breaking heavy bands before them such as Slayer and Metallica, Gojira have steadily pushed the envelope of not only their own music […] …Continue Reading

Western Australian metal outfit Kimura are chomping at the bit at the thought of being able to head back out onto the road again. The band have just dropped their brand new album, Circle The Prey, which is being described as their heaviest to date and they just want to get back on the road […] …Continue Reading

The self-proclaimed Metal Tour of the Year found it’s way to Boston, Massachusetts this past week to the delight of thousands of New England area metal fans that have just begun to come out of their pandemic induced live music hibernation. Over the course of the last two years any live shows, let alone alone […] …Continue Reading

Despite the members of Avatar still being relatively young, the Gothenburg, Sweden based metal outfit has been plying their unique wares in the world of music for over twenty years now. What may be potentially even more surprising is the fact that Avatar have continuously evolved record-to-record in the same vein as some of the […] …Continue Reading

Covid lockdown caused a lot of people to do some very strange things! On the other hand it also saw some artistic people decide that it was a good time to become really creative.
That was certainly the case for Canadian band Beyond Deviation who decided that lockdown was a great opportunity to set out to set a new world record by featuring 400 vocalists on the one track – they recently chatted to Dave Griffiths about how they achieved the goal.
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If you are part of the Adelaide heavy music scene then you will have known that Heartline have been a band to watch for quite awhile now. The band exploded onto the scene at a very early age and very quickly made those stages their own.
With the respect of the local scene earned the band then surprised everybody with the release of their critically acclaimed debut album. Now the band return with their new I Call For Sinking Warmth EP and this week frontman Luke Taylor sat down with Dave Griffiths to chat about what fans can expect from this album.
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Enveloped in mystery and shrouded in mystique, Brisbane’s Xen0christ is a musical enigma.
By embracing the darkest corners of his musical psyche Xen0christ has quickly established himself in the Australian underground rap/trap scene with his blending of rap and metal showcasing a taste for the obscure and macabre that many artists scratch the surface of but few manage to embrace.
He is self-produced, highly motivated and has a thirst for the extreme, accentuated in his new single “LOST MY MIND” which can be viewed below:

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