The German melodic metal band RETERNITY have just released their new album “Cosmic Dreams” via MDD Records.  With “Cosmic Dreams”, the Swabians around masterminds Carsten Sauter and Stefan Zörner present their third, most mature and at the same time most intense work. On the new album, the band surprises with a departure from the rather thrash-influenced predecessors to high-class arranged and produced tracks, which nevertheless unite all […] …Continue Reading

20 years after the last album of the legendary thrashers from Blackend, the mastermind Michael Goldsmith comes back under the roof of MDD Records and thus also musically a bit “back to the roots“.  For the third album, which appears under his own name, Goldsmith has strengthened himself with experienced musicians from the scene and delivers an album with a new […] …Continue Reading

German death metal band CYPHONISM have just released their new full-length album Cosmic Voidance via Black Sunset/MDD Records and this week our very own Dave Griffiths sat down to catch up with them. Founded in 2011 in Wolfsburg, Germany, CYPHONISM have made it their mission to combine unconditional death metal with heavy grooves and dense atmospheres, whereby the content mainly deals with themes of cosmic horror […] …Continue Reading

 German death metal band RISE OF KRONOS have just released their new album Council of Prediction  via MDD Records. and this week Dave Griffiths sat down to have a chat with them about the album. RISE OF KRONOS emerged from the former Hamburg death metallers Surface in 2021 with an identical line-up. After 11 years, it was simply time to open a new chapter […] …Continue Reading

What lasts a long time becomes one! The history of the melodic death metal flagships GRAVEWORM and SUIDAKRA has always been closely connected. They started out on the same label, toured together and developed deep friendships that have lasted until today.  It happened that during the songwriting for the current Suidakra longplayer “Wolfbite” several songs came up that didn’t […] …Continue Reading