Here’s our premiere of an all new video stream for the new MALICE DIVINE Self-Titled album! Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 Genre: Melodic Black Metal / Death Metal For Fans of: Dissection, Immortal, Skeletonwitch, Death, Behemoth, Wintersun, Tribulation, Watain, Naglfar, Necrophobic, Belphegor, Obscura, Revocation  Links: Bandcamp YouTube Facebook Instagram Spotify iTunes Contact – […] …Continue Reading

Malice Divine – Malicious Divinity Melodic Black / Death Metal Toronto, ON, Canada  Comment: “Despite its speed and intensity, there is still quite a bit of variety to be found within the song which ranges from technical riffing to straight-up black metal tremolo picking, tribal drum grooves to intense blast…Continue Reading