This week sees the concluding chapter in the four-part series My Band Years with Redcliffe bassist Squirty.
Developed as a celebration of his musical career to date as well as a study and example to aspiring musicians, the series is supplemented by an album featuring select songs from each of the four…Continue Reading

Everyone keeps telling me things slow down closer to Christmas but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to Australian artists!
This week we have Red Sea gracing the cover, with vocalist Erica Bowron catching up with Olivia Reppas for a casual chat that manages…Continue Reading

Hello once more from HEAVY HQ.
This week’s Digi-mag sees the debut cover story from one of our newest writers Kyra-Jade Coombs with none other than The Smashing Pumpkins! Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin sat down for a refreshing and open chat about the new album Cyr with Kyra who…Continue Reading

Brisbane rock outfit Lucid Louie have released their latest single “It’s Alright”.
Featuring ex-Snake vocalist Larry Attard, guitarist Jesse Attard, Squirty on bass and Dakka on drums, Lucid Louie play old school rock in the vein of Thin Lizzy, with an exciting sound that is familiar yet fresh.
Watch “It’s Alright” below:
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