WWE WrestleMania, the showcase of the immortals, the grandest stage of them all is this weekend and we can't help but get a little nostalgic. In the 37 year history, there have been too many "WrestleMania moments" to count, from HBK achieving his boyhood dream, Daniel Bryan overcoming all the odds to become champion, to […]
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When it hit stores in 1992, everything about White Zombie’s La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 was a breath of fresh air. Rock was desperately trying to distance itself from metal by embracing alternative (which too […]
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Efthimis Karadimas of Nightfall fame honors Women’s History Month by listing five of the greatest women in the Greek Metal Scene.
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To celebrate the release of Regional Justice Center’s new album, Crime and Punishment, we caught up with drummer/vocalist Ian Shelton to find out what five heavy albums changed his life.
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People hate songs about politics even when they’re by political bands. It’s a strange phenomenon. There’s much confusion about what makes a political band. It can easily be determined by reading or listening to the lyrics, but who has time for those shenanigans? If you’re confused, here’s a freebie: Rage Against the Machine is a […]
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Any band can sound pretty. A few twinkling keys, some shimmering minor chords here and there, and bam, you’ve got a song that feels like the appropriate soundtrack to a sunrise in an indie teen […]
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In America, St. Patrick’s Day is most commonly celebrated with an explosion of Guinness and The Pogues. For us, the day is to Ireland as Halloween is to goth — a celebration of all the […]
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