The Devil: an undying force of malevolence who desperately wants you to trick-or-treat and jack off, or a marketing ploy created to fill donation baskets and promote New Jersey’s only real sports team? For ages, […]
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Professional wrestling: a bloodsport of champions for some, a parade of weirdos in spandex playing tough guy for others. So, too, is heavy metal, whose fans recognize it for the vital art form it is […]
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Heavy metal merchandise: an awesome expression of your love for a musical genre that survives on word of mouth, or a sick addiction that steals your hard-earned cash and will inevitably ruin a family gathering? […]
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Combining hip-hop and metal: a way to create unique sounds which utilize the strength of both, or a way to dumb down each art form about which we should’ve learned our lesson the first time? […]
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Love: an energy running through the world which unites every living soul, or your brain dosing you with the same hard drugs it produces when you pound a Resse’s? For ages, artists from all walks […]
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Death metal vocals: a powerful expression of the beast within, or a bad imitation of Cookie Monster? Since the first thrash singers decided they didn’t give a shit about whether or not people could understand […]
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“Come to Brazil!” This phrase has become a joke in the metal community throughout its ongoing relationship with sweet Mother Internet. It seems like every time a band posts something about their whereabouts or current […]
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Vinyl: the only true way to listen to classic albums, or a waste of space that makes you hate yourself every time you move to a new apartment? In the past two decades, vinyl has […]
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Last week, the world saw history in the making as an angry mob of Trump-supporting election deniers broke into the Capitol Building, causing destruction and looting the United States Senate chamber with little to no […]
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