Born out of adversity at the turn of the century, Hollywood Undead have never been shy to tell it how it is. Their music career has run parallels with their upbringing, set against the backdrop of a world in turmoil and armed with only your wits and music to combat the inherent evil surrounding and […] …Continue Reading

After paying close attention to the orchestral side of music over their last few releases, Blind Guardian have decided the boundaries can be pushed no more, electing instead to return more to their roots on their new album The God Machine. Thirty years after their groundbreaking release Somewhere Far Beyond, Blind Guardian prove that there’s […] …Continue Reading

After exploding onto the national scene with their self-titled EP in 2018, Melbourne rock outfit Fight The Sun faded quietly in the background, unheard from for over two years. That changed in 2021 when the band returned with Mistakes, a song which highlighted the band’s quiet period without offering excuses. “It’s about finding an audience, […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne hard rock/metal outfit Nth Rd are what will one day be referred to as COVID boomers. Out of darkness the four musicians found solace in music, determined not to let the unpredictable nature of everyday existence dampen their spirits. With the nucleus for current EP Panic written before the world shut down, Nth Rd […] …Continue Reading

Formed from the debacle that was the recent pandemic, Perth indie punk outfit The Mess Around were born into a musical climate still reeling from the flow on effects that almost crippled the industry. As such, the five aspiring musicians vowed to keep their music light, fun and enjoyable, spreading a positive vibe amongst the […] …Continue Reading

The metal underground scene is never more alive than when the crushing brutality of a fresh extreme metal band begins to simmer deep in the underbelly. Battle lines are drawn and the diehards are quick to judge, often inadvertently forcing fledgling bands to remain in the shadows longer than they perhaps should. For, make no […] …Continue Reading