Recently Finnish folk metal superstars KORPIKLAANI released a new single called Krystallomantia which saw the band couple their trademark sound with their most politically influenced lyrics to date. The melancholic, yet upbeat anti-war song was written about the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. KORPIKLAANI are following up with an English version of the track, to […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY DIGIMAG #198 HERE HEAVY Is proud to feature Dragonforce on this week’s Digimag Cover. We have been sitting on this chat with guitarist Herman Li for a few weeks now, but can finally unveil it in all its glory! We also speak with sleaze rockers Reckless Love about their new album, Lydia’s Castle […] …Continue Reading

While music is a major part of all of our lives, seldom does an artist aim to create music that resonates on more than a universal plain. Music is, and always will be, a form of expression. It is an outlet, a comfort, and a guiding force that touches each of us on different levels. […] …Continue Reading

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start a gratitude journal in order to express your appreciation for all the bands that are currently working to make the world a better place: Abbath, Gaahls Wyrd, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Lamb of God, etc. Why not use the upcoming holiday as an opportunity to share your favorite music with your loved […]
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View HEAVY DigiMag # 168 HERE Sorry for the slightly late release of this week’s DigiMag, but when you open it and see all of the goodness we have for you this week, you will understand why! Carcass grace the cover, with Dave Griffiths plying the band for information on their new album, Torn Arteries. […] …Continue Reading

Finnish Folk Metal Superstars Korpiklaani released their 11th studio album Jylhä back in February 2021.  The album was hailed by critics and fans alike as the most elaborate and mature Korpiklaani album to date. While this might be true, it doesn’t mean our favourite Finns forgot how to party: during the Jylhä sessions they took the classic Anthrax banger Got The Time (a song originally released in 1978 by British musician […] …Continue Reading

For metal fans, a party isn’t just an event, it’s a state of mind. There’s a sense of total revelry which occupies the true party animal, and fans of heavy metal can appreciate this more […]
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