Yet another music festival has fallen victim to the hated C word, with Halloween Hysteria – which was set down for October 23 at the Mansfield Tavern in Brisbane – left with little alternative than to make an early call to abort. BUT it’s not all doom and gloom with a rescheduled date of April […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #44 HERE There’s plenty happening on the local metal front this week, with Minus Life featuring on the cover speaking with Simon Russell-White, who is making a mini comeback of sorts with HEAVY. We also speak with The Dreadful Tides and Mermaid Waters about their new music, plus Shannon-Lee Sloane […] …Continue Reading

Australia’s most rumbustious sons of extreme music, King Parrot, celebrate their milestone of 10 years of being a band this year and what better way to do it than by head out around the country and taking this hellfire affair to the hoards of screaming punters across Australia? Of course, with the continued government lockdowns […] …Continue Reading

Brisbane hard rock unit PistonFist have certainly been busy in the first half of 2021.
Fresh from a leading slot at Kilfest in Melbourne to shows in Far North Queensland and future tours of Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide, this four piece has certainly taken the proverbial bull by the horns and utilised their time fully.
From playing with King Parrot, to Frankenbok, to Thy Art Is Murder and The Poor, PistonFist have shown not only their versatility across the hard rock/metal spectrum, but also won over legions of new fans with each outing.
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Brisbane rock machine PistonFist have been all action in 2021, performing at festivals such as Kilfest and playing alongside some heavyweights of the Australian music scene like King Parrot, Frankenbok and Desecrator.
Now, they are ready to unleash their latest slab of petrol fuelled rock in the form of new single Rise Up, an angry sounding anthemic piece of rock sure to stick in your mind and demand repeat listens.
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Photo by Inoue Tomoke
It’s hard to believe that around 10 years ago a native Australian bird that quietly went about its business identifying as a King Parrot was about to have its identity and status unceremoniously ripped from its majestic wings and would forevermore play second fiddle to its new namesake.
Yes, people, Melbourne grindcore (for want of having to label the mayhem) outfit King Parrot this year celebrate a decade of destroying stages around not only their home country but also that of the world at large.
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VIEW HEAVY Digi-Mag Issue #158 HERE
Celebrations are in order as Australian metal monsters King Parrot join us to look back over their ten-year reign and talk about plans to share their achievement with their Australian fans. Big thanks to Zo Damage for the cover image as well!. Spy VS Spy also dropped in to talk about New Reasons, their first album in 28 years and Lord Of The Lost explain the concept behind their double album Judas.
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I want to start out by sending a big shout out to all of Victoria. The whole state is in its first day of a seven-day firm lockdown and although we can only imagine how tough it is, know the metal fraternity has your back! This has already led to the cancellation or postponement of a number of interstate shows so let’s hope we can ease the numbers over the next week so the rebuilding can begin.
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As Victoria goes into a seven-day lockdown we send the love of the Metal Gods their way… Things are just starting to feel like some semblance of normality in this country so it is with a HEAVY heart that we send our best wishes to our Southern brothers and sisters and urge them to do the right thing…
This week’s DigiMag has plenty to keep you occupied in the meantime, with Burning Witches our cover story, talking about the release of their latest album The Witch of the North.
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Ten years is a hell of a long time to be in a band, let alone being in the gargantuan touring wrecking machine that is King Parrot.
Broken teeth, skinned knees, black eyes and empty cans are all in a day’s work for the boys in KP! And ten years of surviving this beastly ride is more than reason enough to hit the road and celebrate it with their hordes of fans all around Australia.
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