Psych rock outfit Kilfeather released their latest full-length album Island of Forgotten Toys in November 2020 via Riot Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group). 
Keeping the momentum going, the band return with their new single Nightmares, which is now out on all digital platforms.
The single is a fast-paced ride to hell and back.
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Following up from recent singles “King Creep”, “Beneath The Silence” and “Never Stop”, Kilfeather have now released their latest album Island of Forgotten Toys on Riot Records.
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Following on from “Never Stop” and “King Creep”, Kilfeather have today released new single “Beneath The Silence”.
The song is an intense punk rock number with catchy hooks, screaming guitars and an out of control rhythm section and can be listened to here: Kilfeather
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KILFEATHER With New Single

Kilfeather have released their third single “Beneath The Silence”, which follows on from the highly successful “Never Stop” and “King Creep”.

“Beneath The Silence” is a punk anthem with a catchy hook, screaming guitars and catchy lyrics that almost dares you not to start moving your body.

Watch “Beneath The Silence” below:

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