Get your “Rocks Off” when you’re awake.
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The “Bedroom Covers” series curated by Two Minutes to Late Night host Gwarsenio Hall is back!
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Ah, Christmas, that one time a year where metalheads utter their annual mantra of, “Fuck you, Mariah Carey. Fuck. You.” While metal fans generally don’t mind Christmas — let’s be honest, it’s a repurposed pagan holiday […]
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Winter:  a hostile season of uninhabitable darkness or a sweet, grim cocoon in which to encase one’s self? Metalheads certainly seem to adore winter, as made apparent by the proliferation of snow, ice, frost, and […]
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2020: what a fucking gauntlet of a year. Between the global pandemic, the race riots, the election, the people freaking out that the results of the election was some kind of conspiracy, and Tiger King, […]
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Shoegaze: a dreamy portal to the musical heavens, or rock’s most listless genre? For decades now, shoegaze has threatened to creep into rock and metal and turn it into something between an emotional mindscape or […]
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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: revolutionary guitar hero, or revenge-obsessed also-ran? For ages, Mustaine getting fired from Metallica was regarded as the point at which the band solidified their legendary line-up. But more and more, figures within […]
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The latest “Bedroom Cover” from Two Minutes to Late Night.
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