Words by Jimmy Glinster
Picture an 8-bit video game version of a Technical Death Metal riff, and that’s exactly how this album kicks off with the opening track, Flight of The Quetzalcoatlus. Then it gets heavy and technical, just as you’d expect from an Intergalactic Tech Death Metal Band. Noodling guitars, double kick, and guttural vocals with a touch of melodic piano pretty-well sum this one up.
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With music at times struggling to come up with something fresh and exciting, California based Premier Intergalactic death metal outfit The Beast Of Nod have looked outside our world and created one of their own from which to launch their music, the result of which manifested itself recently with the release of their latest album MultiVersal.
MultiVersal is best described as a sci-fi odyssey steeped in auditory destruction with hyper-focused guitar riffs, relentless double bass and drum rhythm patterns, and exemplary vocal delivery interweaved with futuristic and atmospheric synths.
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California-based Intergalactic death metal band The Beast of Nod recently released their full-length record Multiversal which features Lord Marco (Rings of Saturn, Brain Drill) on drums and an array of guest soloists including Joe Satriani and Michael Angelo Batio.
Drawing on technical and progressive death metal for the core of their sound, The Beast of Nod creates shredtastic, bombastic music which focuses on telling the tales of the heroes, villains, and various species that inhabit the band’s exhaustively fleshed-out Multiverse.
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Pre-order: https://thebeastofnod.bandcamp.com/album/multiversal Features from Joe Satriani, Michael Angelo Batio, Marco Pitruzzella, and members of Equipoise, Wormhole, Bleak Flesh, and Abiotic.  Social Media Links: https://www.thebeastofnod.com/ https://thebeastofnod.bandcamp.com/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/2WUYsRza0k6V4KIFv9SOTI https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-beast-of-nod/1027489917 https://www.facebook.com/TheBeastOfNod https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBeastofNod https://www.instagram.com/thebeastofnod/ The universe’s favorite intergalactic death metal entity The Beast of Nod is back with another sci-fi odyssey steeped in tongue-in-cheek fun entitled Multiversal. Multiversal […] …Continue Reading

Throughout March and April, some of the world’s greatest guitarists will come together to raise money and celebrate the music of legendary guitarist and composer Jason Becker, who has been living with ALS for over 30 years and continues to compose and record music.
The virtual event, hosted in part by DragonForce guitarist Herman Li, will include three components:
1) A Livestream telethon-style fundraiser on Twitch: special guests will appear on Herman Li’s Twitch channel twitch.tv/hermanli to play, jam and participate in fan-generated challenges with all money raised going directly to Jason’s medical trust.
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After many years playing with and alongside legendary bands like Winger, Whitesnake and Dokken, guitarist Reb Beach has completed the cycle by releasing his debut solo instrumental album, A View From The Inside.
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Widely regarded as among the Top 10 guitarists in the world, Australian guitar extraordinaire Plini is preparing to release his second studio album Impulse Voices on November 27.
During the week he sat down with HEAVY to discuss the album.
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