A new report from the Wall Street Journal reveals how much Apple Music pays artists per stream, and it ends up being almost twice as much as rival streaming service Spotify. In a letter to artists delivered today, April 16, 2021, Appl;e Music disclosed it pays a penny per stream, which is pretty competitive for […]
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Megadeth recently launched their first non-fungible token (NFT) titled Vic Rattlehead: Genesis for sale over on on the Rarible site, and which could only be bought with the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency WETH. At the time I thought it was slightly insane that the NFT was hovering around 0.15 WETH, or roughly $300, but apparently that wasn't […]
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There’s this conception that bands make their money on the road, and if you’re looking at Chevelle’s business model, that very much seems to be the case. Chevelle just completed their six record deal with Sony and revealed that, oh hey, they never actually made any money from record sales.Continue Reading