“I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to lyrics and stuff, always leave them to the last minute” Wollongong punk/metal rock darlings Totally Unicorn are the anthesis of whatever image should come to your mind based on the band name alone. Except maybe for the warm, fuzzy feeling they leave imprinted on your subconscious with […] …Continue Reading

Plus his new album Big Mess.
The post DANNY ELFMAN On <em>Big Mess</em>, How Jack Skellington Brought Him Back To Life, Performance Anxiety, His Tattoos, His Love For Metal & Much More! appeared first on Metal Injection. …Continue Reading

“Not in a mean way, but I don’t know if he loved going heavier with Korn. While many bands are bandied around by different sections of the media as having been groundbreaking in their approach to music, or having revolutionized the music world in some form or another, very few are universally spoken about in […] …Continue Reading

While most high school students are posting their grievances on social media and calling out their adversaries via proxy, New Zealand punk rock upstarts Sit Down In Front have settled on a much more viable and effective way to get their point across, without hiding behind anything or anyone. All still at school, the boys […] …Continue Reading

Few bands in the entire music network have mastered the art of expression through music as well as rock outfit Asking Alexandria. Equally as comfortable belting out the metal tinged hard rock bursts of controlled aggression as they are at manoeuvring their way around a well crafted rock ballad, Asking Alexandria are that proficient and […] …Continue Reading

It’s hard to believe that just six months ago, Sydney metalcore band Engraved were standing side of stage at the Crowbar, feeding off the nervous energy that only a debut performance can ignite. I remember speaking to them moments earlier, their excitement tempered only by their absolute terror of the unknown, months worth of practice […] …Continue Reading

“It was spawned from a pretty uncertain time, to be fair.“ Hamilton hard rock outfit Checaine are on the cusp of releasing their latest EP, a wickedly rocking collection of tracks under the name of Black River. Written and recording during the recent world events that inspired more a sense of foreboding than hope, Black […] …Continue Reading

“It’s also the most diverse, melodic and all over the place record we’ve done. It’s any extreme of any adjective you wanna throw at it.” Enterprise Earth are one of the most recognizable death metal bands of the modern era. Their previous albums Patient 0 (2015), Embodiment (2017) and Luciferous (2019) have all garnered universal […] …Continue Reading

Words by Will Oakeshott A famed Russian artist by the name of Wassily Kadinsky discovered inspiration through multiple mediums in his process of creation, as countless artists do. A notable piece of his entitled Impression III: Konzert – translated to Impression III: Concert – was in fact inspired by the witnessing of a concert featuring […] …Continue Reading