Maybe the metal scene is finally ready for what The Ember, The Ash are doing on their new album Fixation. For the past decade or so, announcing that you were merging black metal and metalcore would […]
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Abysmal affections to you and yours! This edition of Funeral Doom Friday is particularly special. The 2021 Roadburn Festival is livestreaming all its performances this year! The festival begins at 19:00 CEST today. Visit Roadburn Redux for more information on the many commissioned sets and exclusive performances taking place this year. Though there is no […]
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You'll be hearing the name Tetrarch, so get familiar. L.A.'s hard rock, nu-metal hybrid have risen from independent sensation to legitimate heavy prospect ahead of their Napalm Records album debut, Unstable (April 30th). True to the hype, the four-piece of vocalist and guitarist Josh Fore, lead guitarist Diamond Rowe, bassist Ryan Lerner and drummer Ruben […]
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In a year like 2021, where we're finally beginning to see that light at the end of the tunnel of COVID-19, the idea of strength in numbers for us metal-heads has never been more important. The fine folks at Norway's Inferno Music Conference continue to strive to grow and advance the heavy metal community globally, […]
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For fans of heavy music, Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen need no introduction. The former is the longtime guitarist of high-flying metal legends Iron Maiden, while the latter’s pedigree includes acts like Poison, Mr. Big, […]
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Over the past couple of decades, Count Dracula has lost some of his power. Between 300 rip-off with the PG-13 rating and the animated kids’ movies starring Adam Sandler, the lord of all vampires has […]
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Who said walking the left-hand path couldn't be so wickedly epic and brutal? Portland's satanic speed metal warlocks Bewitcher know the score, churning out blackened riffs soaked in nostalgia and dripping with evil, and melting faces coast to coast with reckless abandon for years now. Frontman and guitarist M. von Bewitcher caught up with Metal […]
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When it comes down to it, Sevendust are a working band. The veteran hard-rock five-piece have spent the last two and a half decades making interesting-yet-ass-kicking arena agro for legions of diehard fans. And while […]
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Saxon are a band that require no introduction. They are OGs of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and have been melting faces and kicking ass across continents when today's metalheads were nothing more than an idea – or mistake – in the minds of mom's and dad's across the globe. Living legend frontman […]
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That The Limit’s Caveman Logic came to fruition is a triumph unto itself. The band’s ranks include Bobby Liebling of stoner-doom icons Pentagram on vocals, Sonny Vincent of New York punk legends The Testors (among […]
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