The demise of festivals such as Soundwave not only robbed music lovers of opportunities to witness large-scale international festivals in this country, but it also created a reduced capacity for touring this side of the world for many bands who based Australian tours around such events. One of those bands that suffered through lack of […] …Continue Reading

Tasmanian self-proclaimed thrash metal royalty Coward Punch are certainly a force unto themselves. Cloaked in only the most expensive bank robber style ski masks with accents that sound like a cross between deep Southern drawl and the seedier side of The Bronx, Coward Punch are what can only be described as a musical enigma, and, […] …Continue Reading

In a short amount of time Melbourne rock outfit Coolabah Kings have managed to use the power of music to entrench themselves musically in the hearts and ears of an Australian public yearning for more fun in their music. Since announcing their arrival with the 2021 single Spineless, Coolabah Kings have sprinkled their infectious DNA […] …Continue Reading

Legendary US rockers Winger have been relatively quiet since their last album Better Day’s Comin‘ in 2014. When it came out it had fans the world over salivating in anticipation, heralding a new era of rock as only a band of the ilk of Winger can provide. While proving the band were still a musical […] …Continue Reading

Words and interview by Erin Eddy The Go Set are veterans of the Aussie music scene with a career spanning 20 years and the infusion of traditional Celtic folk music weaved into their sound not only sets them apart but helps them reach a wider audience than the average punk rock band. Their high-energy live […] …Continue Reading

Brisbane punk Gods Fake News have done the hard yards, supporting legends of the scene such as Good Riddance, No Fun At All, Bodyjar, 28 Days and Guttermouth – and that was all within one year of starting the band in 2017! Since then Fake News have capitalsed on that early success with their 2021 […] …Continue Reading

Newcastle metalcore outfit Vilify are one of the new “covid babies” when it comes to music. Formed in around the global pandemic, Vilify have endured the same trials and tribulations as the rest of the world, except unlike many, the constant setbacks provided an impetus which has given the band more drive and focus. Unable […] …Continue Reading

Norwegian hard rock/punk/metal outfit Blood Command are better known for their hard-hitting, punchier numbers that provide a sense of palpitation and venom when played in the live arena. Since the addition of former Pagan vocalist Nikki Brumen from Australia, the band have taken on a more ferocious edge on the back of Brumen’s take-no-prisoners approach […] …Continue Reading