Legendary DC hardcore photographer Jim Saah shares images and ’80 punk tales from his book In My Eyes: Photographs 1982-1997.
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Pissed-off ragers Ingrown recently released their debut album Gun, so we got vocalist/guitarist Ross Hansen to tell us what five heavy albums changed his life.
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Esoctrilihum mastermind Asthâghul invites us into his occult domain. A riveting conversation with Asthâghul about all things Esoctrilihum.
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Noisy post-punk/hardcore supergroup Bitter Branches takes a switch to bad cops and inner demons on its latest EP.
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Decibel speaks with editors Daniel Lukes and Stanimir Panayotov, and designer Jaci Raia, the three people responsible for the new book, Black Metal Rainbows.
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Chameleonic frontwoman Lindsay O. (Coma Cluster Void, Natalia) embraces her slam/death side with Eyes of Perdition. Watch their new video and read an interview with Lindsay here.
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Fans of heavy music have had King Woman on their radar for some time now. But with the release of her “Morning Star” music video, the solo project of Kris Esfandiari officially went from sludgy, […]
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Check out an exclusive clip from the Voivod “We Are Connected” documentary filmmakers as well as info on the film’s Kickstarter launch. To Morgoth!
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