As much as music is about personal perfection, it still seems to be at its strongest with tension and disharmony. Not of a human nature, but more from an eclectic point of view, especially when it comes to taste. If everyone in the band liked the same thing the propensity for recycled music and ideas […] …Continue Reading

After paying close attention to the orchestral side of music over their last few releases, Blind Guardian have decided the boundaries can be pushed no more, electing instead to return more to their roots on their new album The God Machine. Thirty years after their groundbreaking release Somewhere Far Beyond, Blind Guardian prove that there’s […] …Continue Reading

Words by Simon Russell-White Calling all heavy metal fans, may I have your attention please! Oakland, California’s Machine Head are about to drop their tenth, ten ton hammer on us all, and trust me you are not prepared! In short (for now) Of Kingdom and Crown is without doubt one of the most punishing heavy […] …Continue Reading

Swedish hard rock/melodic rock outfit H.E.A.T have quickly established themselves as one of the premiere exponents of the scene on a global scale, touring with the likes of Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy, in the process introducing many hardened rock lovers to the driving rhythm that is melodic rock. Comprising members who have been there […] …Continue Reading

I Have Four Names is the pet project for Australian musician William Raleigh Vere Evatt, who has set himself the task of connecting his music with the public on his own terms and of his own volition. After sparking interest with his 2020 debut LP IH4N (DX), Will quickly followed with the 2021 EP Spike […] …Continue Reading

In just four short years, Gold Coast metalcore act Awake In Time have managed to spread their music far beyond their local confines and into the ears of a national audience. Their unyielding approach to music and consistent output has seen the band perform at Good Things Festival and more recently Wallapalooza, cementing their growing […] …Continue Reading

After exploding onto the national scene with their self-titled EP in 2018, Melbourne rock outfit Fight The Sun faded quietly in the background, unheard from for over two years. That changed in 2021 when the band returned with Mistakes, a song which highlighted the band’s quiet period without offering excuses. “It’s about finding an audience, […] …Continue Reading

It would be easy to say the name Nicolas Cage Fighter out loud and still not catch on to the sheer genius of the play on words. Even now I’m sure there are some of you who are re-reading that opening line with a WTF look on your face thinking Krispy has finally lost his […] …Continue Reading

South Adelaide thrash outfit Hidden Intent are no strangers to a beer and a laugh in between writing some of the most brutal thrash metal riffs this side of the black stump. The boys – to use the old adage – work hard, play hard, and live even harder, wrapping the whole package neatly together […] …Continue Reading

Hailing from the relatively serene US town of California, hardcore outfit Xibalba are living proof that not all people are shaped by their surroundings. Known more for things like Hollywood and Disneyland, California, on the surface, is an idyllic place to call home. The many beaches and chilled way of life hardly seems like the […] …Continue Reading