“We’ve got a bit of a different set to normal. We’re opening and closing a bit differently, and I’m really keen to see how that goes with the crowd.” Jacob Charlton Australian metal outfit Thornhill proved their musical confidence and diversity earlier this year with the release of their sophomore album Heroine, an album that […] …Continue Reading

Emerging from the shadows of a music world left in turmoil, Brisbane blackened death metal outfit Black Lava have wasted little time in establishing themselves on the national radar. Comprising members and former members of known acts such as Hadal Maw and Ne Obliviscaris, Black Lava have remained relatively quiet in the lead-up to their […] …Continue Reading

Organisers of this year’s Good Things Festival have managed to find a way to open the showcase event up to an even larger percentage of Australian bands. Rather than select the final band to play on each of the three line-ups themselves, organisers instead threw that challenge over to fans who first voted online to […] …Continue Reading

In a musical landscape that is forever evolving, the fear of the unknown is, for many, too much to fathom. While trends and fashions and genres and subgenres continue to spew forth on the public, seldom does such experimentation or vision do more than merely scratch the surface, possibly afraid of what might be found […] …Continue Reading

“You’re kind of getting forgotten about if you’re not releasing new music.” Dave Cutting Early in their career, Sydney rock outfit Chasing Lana managed to tap into that sweet spot of music that enabled them to appeal to a wide variety of music lovers. By embracing their heavier elements but balancing them with equal parts […] …Continue Reading

Canadian fuzz rockers AAWKS go beyond the sun and behind the music to discuss ((((Heavy on the Cosmic))))) track by track.
The post Track by Track: AAWKS – ‘((((Heavy on the Cosmic)))))’ appeared first on Decibel Magazine. …Continue Reading

“That’s the gift that keeps on giving. The reason we named it that was when we told management and our label what we wanted to call it they said that is the shittest name we have ever heard.” Danny Beus Who would have thought an album dedicated to Migloo the White Whale would be the […] …Continue Reading

In my entire concert going life I don’t think I have ever been to a show where I didn’t know one song from either the support band or the headlining act and still thoroughly enjoyed it. But, as is the case, there is always an exception to the rule, which for me came in the […] …Continue Reading

Interview and words by Kyra-Jade Coombs Gaupa is a Swedish band described as “progressive stoner rock with doom, folk and psychedelic rock influences”. At first, that’s a lot to digest, however, once you sit down and listen to their music and really take it in, it all comes together. HEAVY got the chance to interview […] …Continue Reading

“We had heard through the grapevine that Tom Morello was a fan and we put out some feelers and one day he showed up at our studio.” Scott Kirkland While most metalheads are loath to admit it, the correlation between EDM and heavy metal is often closer than you think. While being two completely contrasting […] …Continue Reading