Demonstealer schools us about India’s metal history and premieres a new video!
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Getting into the mind of Mizmor’s A.L.N. to find out what five heavy albums changed his life.
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You can always rely on one thing with every new release from Fit For An Autopsy. It will smash you in the face. In keeping their end of the bargain, the upcoming release of the band’s sixth album Oh What The Future Holds (January 14) sees Fit For An Autopsy producing an album that is […] …Continue Reading

“It was the scariest shows we’ve ever played. I’ve played big shows. I’ve played tiny shows. Since I was 12 years old, I have been playing in front of crowds and those were the most terrifying.” After seven albums you would expect Underoath to have a grasp on things musically, and with the upcoming Voyeurist […] …Continue Reading

In which Sculptured, ex-Agalloch guitarist Don Anderson and Decibel’s Forrest Pitts discuss the tonal impact of Anton Webern’s Opus 21 symphony.
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British doom legends Cathedral celebrate three decades of Hall of Fame album Forest of Equilibrium.
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Decibel celebrates the 40th anniversary of Venom’s extreme metal ground zero, Welcome To Hell, with former guitarist/songwriter Jeff “Mantas” Dunn.
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Houston promoter and musician Christian Larson discusses new records from Necrofier and Night Cobra, plus the fourth edition of his Hell’s Heroes festival.
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The true beauty of Exodus’ new album Persona Non Grata is just how pissed-off it sounds. The record charges out of the gate with fists windmilling, taking aim at anyone and anything in its path. […]
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