HEAVY Mag’s Dave Griffiths has been working as a music journalist for 25 years now and when he recently caught up with the legendary Gary Numan to talk about his new album – Intruder – he said it was one of the most frank and honest interviews that he had ever recorded.
In the interview Numan not only chats to Dave about the brand new album but also talks about his career as a whole.
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SCATTERED STORM – KINGSLAYER (off EP “Oblivion” Out July 9th, 2021) Genre: Industrial Groove Metal Location: El Paso, TX ?? For fans of: Fear Factory, Meshuggah, Gojira, TesseracT  Links: Digital pre-save – https://backl.ink/146809449 Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Scattered-Storm-106688970852378 Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/scatt_storm/ Comment: “We felt this song really encompasses the overall sound of the band, because it […] …Continue Reading

A pioneer of the industrial scene Julian Beeston has recently turned his attention to his new project Featured. The idea was to deliver a little bit of girl power by bringing in the best female vocalists from around the world to record Julian’s lyrics after his as normal brilliant beats.
As Julian talks to HEAVY Mag’s Dave Griffiths he chats about the project itself, why he chose the artists he chose to work with and what it has been like writing music for soundtracks in LA.
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For those that like their metal with a little bit of a harder edge one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of 2021 is Dead Animal Assembly Plant’s Bring Out The Dead. Many fans thought the band were long over-due for a new album and the band decided not to disappoint by dropping one of the best albums of their career to date.
Recently HEAVY Mag’s Dave Griffiths sat down with Zach Wager from the band to chat about the new album and what life is like in the USA in the middle of a pandemic.
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Hear Under the Skin, the debut EP from post-apocalyptic noise stalker Trace Amount as uncompromisingly remixed by Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison.
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Background: I never thought I’d be reviewing Ghostemane on The Circle Pit but here we are. For those who are unaware, Ghostemane is a South Florida rapper whose style has been heavy within that genre and has aesthetically borrowed from metal and hardcore over the years. However, it seems he…Continue Reading