The fanatical cannibals of Dead Animal Assembly Plant have whipped up their own recipe for the horrors of the modern age: with a touch of rock, dash of metal, pinch of industrial, sprinkle in some electronics and heaping helping of madness.
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Since their arrival on the scene a couple of years ago now Zero Theorem have been changing the face and the sound of alternative metal. This is the new form of industrial metal, a sound that we have never heard before. Now following up their successful The Killing EP the band…Continue Reading

Heavy metal / Industrial artist The Hate Club premiered their animated video for “My Name Is Legion” on last week.

“This music video was created by two psychopaths – The Hate Club (artist) and Evan Streb (animator),” said Alex Poe. After four months of tireless work, we’re finally ready to release…Continue Reading

One of the more exciting bands to have surfaced over the past couple of years has been the LA based industrial metal outfit Zero Theorem. After making an instant impact on the genre with their debut EP back in 2018 the band ramped things up again with the release of The…Continue Reading

Wreck-Defy and SubLevel Records are proud to announce the official lyric video for the band’s new single “Scumlord”, taken from the album Powers That Be.
Powers That Be is available now from all digital retailers and providers and is also available on CD via Punishment 18 Records and vinyl via Doc Gator.
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Finnish alternative metal outfit Awake Again have released their third single “Enmity” which forms part of a four-song series started by “Into Two” and “Look Around”.
“Enmity” is the most ferocious and straightforward song yet, delving into the dark corners of the human psyche.
Watch “Enmity” below:
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After being silent for nearly a decade, Montreal’s Synastry unleashed their new EP Civilization’s Coma this past November.
The band made a name for themselves on the Quebec and Ontario tour circuits in the early 2000s along with their releases Pallets Of My New World (2006) (EP) and Blind Eyes Bleed (2008)…Continue Reading

For the last seven years, The Amenta have been holed away, creating their latest opus and reimagining their already distinctive core sound.
By incorporating maximalist Industrial Black Metal ballast, disturbingly cinematic Ambient/Noise textures, treated violin, dread acoustics and circuit-bent electronics into a labyrinthine set of infectious hymns to societal collapse, savage discord…Continue Reading

Ghoul master Wednesday 13 celebrated Halloween by releasing his eerie cover of “Devil Inside” by INXS.
In Wednesday’s own words “Just in time for Halloween we’ve been saving this track for something special, & what better way than with a music video for Halloween. The INXS cover of “Devil Inside” was recorded…Continue Reading