House of 1000 Corpses is the movie that kicked off Rob Zombie’s film career. Though the film received negative critical reception upon its release, it would go on to spawn a massive cult following and […]
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Kirk Hammett, the guitar-maestro of Metallica, has just announced his first ever solo EP titled Portals! The four-track EP is a departure from Hammett’s work in Metallica, offering a more atmospheric, soundtrack-like quality from the […]
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It looks like Foo Fighters might actually do what acts like KISS have tried for ages now — make a decent rock and roll movie! The alternative rock act have recently unveiled the trailer for […]
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Back in October of 2020, it was revealed that a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel was officially in the works. Then in April, it was announced that the film would get a hard R rating for […]
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As a rule, metal is rarely portrayed well in the movies. At best, comedies give us relatable metalheads whose everyday love of the genre and culture reflects our own; more often than not, though, metal […]
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