ENTER THE ANIMUS (The Anima Effect, @Berried Alive ) ENTER THE ANIMUS – Unbearable Genre: Progressive Metal / Trap Location: Northern California 🇺🇸 For fans of: Berried Alive, Dropout Kings, Excision  “Enter The Animus (spin off project of The Anima Effect) is back with their 2nd single! This time featuring Berried Alive! This is […] …Continue Reading

Combining hip-hop and metal: a way to create unique sounds which utilize the strength of both, or a way to dumb down each art form about which we should’ve learned our lesson the first time? […]
The post How Hip-Hop Influenced Modern Metal, On This Week’s Last Words appeared first on The…Continue Reading

Background: I never thought I’d be reviewing Ghostemane on The Circle Pit but here we are. For those who are unaware, Ghostemane is a South Florida rapper whose style has been heavy within that genre and has aesthetically borrowed from metal and hardcore over the years. However, it seems he…Continue Reading