Hellfest made a glorious return this summer to the otherwise quaint village of Clisson in France. While a typical edition of the beloved fest is a jaw dropping ensemble of sites and sounds, this year’s compilation was epic to the next level. The 2022 fest drew on the angst and dismay of two years of […]
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June 2021 saw the release of their sensational new studio album Helloween and it was THE metal news of the year. Media and critics were cheering almost breathlessly: “sleight of hand,””healing” and “a 65-minute celebration.” Finally, the fans were the ones who catapulted the album straight to No. 1 in Germany and  Spain, into the top 5 of seven countries and worldwide 15 […] …Continue Reading

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“[We’re] feeling better in the neon light!” Oh yes, they are! HELLOWEEN have finally entered the stages again and successfully started their United Forces tour with HAMMERFALL at packed venues in the UK about two weeks ago. Reason enough for the German cult metal band to celebrate with their fans in the form of a new limited vinyl single, Best Time which is out […] …Continue Reading

May 27 Atomic Fire Records Words by Reg BM Michael Schenker is back, and he most definitely has not slowed down. The shredder extraordinaire,who began his career in the 1970s with Scorpions, and dominated British 70s rock with his groupUFO, has been able to sustain a solo career for over 30 years, and for someone […] …Continue Reading

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Released in June 2021, Helloween is THE metal album of 2021 – a milestone fans were waiting decades for. Critics and companions are united in their crystal clear opinion that this is a masterpiece album that will write metal history.  No reason to sit back: with the clip for Out For The Glory the next exciting coup is […] …Continue Reading

Pumpkin fans, unite! Helloween and Incendium are teaming up for the launch of Seekers of the Seven Keys, a supernatural horror-fantasy comic book that explores the iconic cast of characters depicted on album covers from the legendary German heavy metal band, known as the “godfathers of melodic speed metal.” Incendium is also thrilled to announce a line of collectible Helloween action figures inspired by […] …Continue Reading