Even if you think Donald Trump is America’s working-class savior, you have to admit that Mike Pence kinda sucks. There’s something about the evangelical vice president who can’t be alone with a woman who’s not […]
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Something that boggles the minds of fans is how little metal music is used for soundtracks. We cannot count the number of times we’ve seen a scene in a Marvel movie or an HBO show […]
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A new yearly tradition in metal and hardcore is the annual ‘Roast Day’ by fast food chain Wendy’s, who take one day a year to verbally bitchslap anyone who asks for it on social media. […]
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Every couple of years, people begin to worry that rock is dead. This usually comes about when other or genres become more popular than guitar-based rock, and fans wonder aloud if maybe their way of life […]
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In the realm of modern death metal, Maryland’s Dying Fetus hold a special place of distinction. While other bands have inspired the genre’s speed, ferocity, and obsession with gore, Dying Fetus brought about the kinetic […]
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There are few albums as influential on the world of heavy music as Metallica‘s 1984 sophomore effort Ride the Lightning. Not only did the record break the band through to a more widespread audience, it also expanded […]
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Anyone who’s ever read an interview with him or gotten the chance to speak to him knows that shock rocker Alice Cooper is anything but the dubious villain he plays onstage. Quite the opposite: the […]
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Part of what makes metal and hardcore shows exciting is that anything can happen at them. Sure, tragic events of the past have upped security requirements and fan standards in recent years — if Deicide […]
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