“IMPERA was my favorite rock album of 2022… I found out along the way that Tobias is a bit of a fan of DL, so I guess it was inevitable we’d both find out about each other! Once we’d been introduced to the idea of working together it just snowballed organically and I’m thrilled that […] …Continue Reading

The heavy metal ‘n’ roll, dark, madcap visionaries collectively known as AVATAR have unleashed yet another track from their upcoming magnum opus and ninth album Dance Devil Dance, out Febriuary 17 via Black Waltz Records, distributed by Thirty Tigers. Today, the band has shared the new song Violence No Matter What, a powerhouse duet with […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne hard rockers Sun Traitors have released their new single THE MAZE. THE MAZE is a high-intensity journey through confusing situations, revolving targets and Orwellian suspicion. The lyrics describe having to tread lightly as everything is yours to lose. Intricate drumming amplifies the catchy guitar hooks though-out the song and the vocal melody is engaging […] …Continue Reading

After the amazing reception of their latest album, legendary classic doom icons CANDLEMASS continue the onslaught of epic heaviness with the release of an exciting lyric video for their fourth single, Angel Battle, from Sweet Evil Sun. Following the previous three earth-shattering singles, Angel Battle trudges in with a captivating guitar riff, presenting an ominous […] …Continue Reading

After almost four long years, SUBWAY TO SALLY returns with their 14th studio album, Himmelfahrt (eng. Ascension), out on March 24, 2023 via Napalm Records. In contrast to their last album HEY!, the German folk rock outfit now presents a turning point in the discography of the band: the musicians give the darkest abysses of […] …Continue Reading

Enslaved have released a new single and video from Heimdal, their 16th studio album due out on March 3 2023. Forest Dweller launches with progressive splendour, guiding the listener into a churning, psychedelic journey through archaic Norse folklore. One might ask what lessons we can divine from our celestial ancestors? We might never understand their […] …Continue Reading

Review by Lewd Scoff Pix by Lone Wolf Photography The venue is starting to pump when I finally arrive just before 7pm. Some days I swear I couldn’t organise a runny shit in a gastric attack, but here we are at the Brightside for Glam Fest 2023. Spewing I missed Tuff, and hopefully a rendition […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN CONTENT DIGIMAG #108 HERE HEAVY is proud to feature Gold Coast metal machine Snake Mountain on the cover of this week’s DigiMag. We catch up with frontman Nev Pearce to chat about their crushing new single Veins plus plenty more. We also speak with Plini, Temtris, The Stranglers, Geoff Tate and Osaka […] …Continue Reading

Today is a sad moment in Australian heavy music, with the announcement Brisbane’s Massic have decided to call it a day. HEAVY could bang on about it, but we thought it best to bring you the news from the band themselves in the following statement: “Hey Everyone,First and foremost we want to thank you all, […] …Continue Reading

Step aside and pay heed, Melbourne’s Munt have re-emerged from Covid obscurity in an evolved form – playing a hybrid mix of extreme metal that draws energy from many sources. Their underlying atmosphere is informed by venomous and bitter black metal that melds into the frantic charge of chaotic grindcore, with a pounding D-beat influence […] …Continue Reading