After the recent three day scare in Brisbane, it is a sign that we shouldn’t take anything for granted over Easter. Sure, it’s a time for holidays and especially the kids but don’t forget that there is this thing called COVID that looms large in the lives of everyone around us so for the sake of the music world please do the right thing this Easter.
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Logan Grimm is an ambitious young artist seeking to take on the world as the creator of Grimmreaper.
He has developed an intense backstory for a multimedia project that explores the very human realities of tragedy and suffering, and the choices they present, from nihilism and resentment to transcendence and courage. In the process of this, as a solo artist, he has crafted music that fuses the influences of highly technical bands like Dragonforce and Meshuggah with the work of more mainstream names such as Five Finger Death Punch and Bullet For My Valentine.
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The debut single from the Texan GRIMMREAPER has landed! It comes equipped with the following music video. Enjoy:  Here’s a quote from GRIMMREAPER: “This was the first song I recorded in my life. It took so long to get right because I was a beginner at recording, singing, playing metal guitar, and drum editing. […] Continue Reading