Goth/rock/post-punk outfit pMad have released their new single Fire and album I in Power. Fire is about our planet which is on fire. Do we have the time or the will to save it? Will those with the power and the money be willing to sacrifice their profits, or will they wait until they can […] …Continue Reading

Out now Atomic Fire Records Words by Jimmy Glinster Widely known as The Helsinky Vampires, well I didn’t know that, but anyway, you might have. Anyway, these guys look like a bunch of old goth rockers and since they’ve been around for 33 years, this is probably an accurate statement, although a completely uneducated one. […] …Continue Reading

HEAVY Mag’s Dave Griffiths has been working as a music journalist for 25 years now and when he recently caught up with the legendary Gary Numan to talk about his new album – Intruder – he said it was one of the most frank and honest interviews that he had ever recorded.
In the interview Numan not only chats to Dave about the brand new album but also talks about his career as a whole.
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While being pissed off and turbo-charged will always be an important part of metalheaddom, sometimes you just want to wallow in stygian darkness. That’s where Swarm of Flies come in. The Brooklyn-based project of guitarist […]
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There is arguably no greater style icon for goths than Wednesday Addams. Though a precocious-if-murderous tyke on the original Addams Family TV show, Wednesday’s portrayal by Christina Ricci in the property’s early ’90s films turned the […]
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Part of why the synthwave movement is so attractive to metalheads is that it automatically smacks of the ’80s, and specifically of ’80s horror movies. Sure, you can make synthwave that’s more laser malls than […]
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In the age of COVID-19, livestreamed performances have become the norm, with everyone from Metallica to Obituary broadcasting shows from their private studios and rehearsal hubs. But until now, these at-home concert experiences have been […]
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Music trends are cyclical. The wheels spins like this: a genre or sound starts off, and it’s novel, interesting, and experimental. After underground fans catch on, it eventually spreads to mainstream listeners who love the […]
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