Let’s be real: none of us came to metal because we go along to get along. The truth is that the majority of metalheads are in some ways harsh, hostile, antisocial, and outspoken, and the […]
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Back in February, horror punk legend and goth metal overlord Glenn Danzig dropped the first trailer for his second feature-length film, Death Rider In The House of Vampires. The movie looks absolutely ridiculous — and given […]
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Metal fans the world over rejoice!
Helloween are preparing to drop their latest self titled album – a release that many thought would never eventuate. Bass player Markus Grosskopf joined HEAVY for a chat about the album and the decision to continue after the Pumpkins United Tour.
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Ever wondered what would happen if Glenn Danzig of the Misfits covered a Limp Bizkit classic?
Well, an anonymous punk-rock outfit (who despite claiming being from Florida, might just be Australian) have done just that, creating a mash-up that is making listeners on the internet go wild.
Behold “All Hell Breaks Stuff”, an absurdly rocking single that melds Limp Bizkit’s most well-known anthem “Break Stuff” with the sheer force of The Misfits.
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Graves is upset that the “woke mob” leaves “no recourse” for people to oppose allegations leveled against them.
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Danzig revealed he was working on a “vampire spaghetti western” shortly after the release of his directorial debut, Verotika. Today we get our first look at the new film, which is titled Death Rider in the House of Vampires, and it looks like B-movie bliss. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.Continue Reading