If KISS' Gene Simmons had his way, you would not have an option about wearing masks in public, and it would be mandatory. The KISS bassist recently took to Twitter to explain his rationale. "You must stop at a red light," Simmons begins his argument "and you must put on your seatbelt, and you can’t […]
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Kiss frontman, and man who simply will never stop shouting that “rock is dead”, Gene Simmons has unsurprisingly stuck to his claim that rock is dead in an interview with Consequence of Sound. Simmons gave a fairly rambling explanation of why rock is dead, which essentially boils down to… musicContinue Reading

In 2017, when KISS frontman Gene Simmons decided to attempt to trademark the devil horns, it sparked a big debate online, as it does every few years, as to who actually invented the gesture, with most giving credit to Rainbow/Black Sabbath frontman Ronnie James Dio. A new player has enteredContinue Reading

KISS frontman Gene Simmons is nothing if not very confident in his abilities. So, when news started getting around town in the early 80s that Marvel Comics was considering doing a Fantastic Four movie, Simmons thought he would be perfect for the role of “Ben Grimm” aka “The Thing.” Advertisement.Continue Reading