Carcosa bandmates Andrew Baena and Johnny Ciardullo have posted a pretty silly, but fun video where they take flirty compliments that you would typically give a girl, and put a deathcore spin on them. The highlight was easily “YOU’RE A GODDESS THROUGH AND THROUGH AND THAT’S WHY I ADORE YOU… MOTHERFUCKER!” being screamed at me. So […]
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I've really gotten into swimming during the pandemic. It's meditative and great cardio. I've lost like 15 pounds! Anyway, this is all irrelevant because I've been seeing a new trend on social media. Black-bottom pools! And they're metal as fuck. I first came across this post on my feed, which went viral, announcing "Believe it […]
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"Metal Makes Us All Heavy," reads the headline of a new article in British tabloid The Daily Star. The column was discussed on a British talk show earlier today, Jeremy Vine on 5. The Music Nerd was the first to spot the topic being discussed on the British talk show. Look at this hilarious screenshot. […]
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The wake for drummer Brentnol McPherson, also known as Bonny Brent, sure was a unique one. Mostly because McPherson's body, instead of being laid out open casket style, was propped up behind his kit for one final performance. A video of the setup was posted by Covenant Funeral Homes Inc. on their YouTube channel. If […]
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