Osaka Punch are one of those once-in-a-generation bands that would be perfect for ANY lineup or concert. Their music is a force unto itself, mixing jazz, rock, metal, piano lounge vibes and an eclectic nature often tried but seldom mastered. Until now. “I feel like, if anything, we could probably push it further.” Jack Muzak […] …Continue Reading

Sydney alt-funk rockers Trigger Jo have just released their immersive debut single, Better You. This bold new release shape shifts between alt-rock, indie and funk genres to serve up a delightfully addictive concoction that will leave you craving more. Better You showcases the group’s irreverent songwriting skills, weighty lyrics and infectious melodies by merging britpop, […] …Continue Reading

Australian hard rock funk machine Mammal are no strangers to getting their point across through music. Where they differ from other bands of the same ilk is that Mammal are a killer outfit in their own right, with the stance taken by individual members accentuated through the band’s music rather than being lost in the […] …Continue Reading

After a prolonged absence due to COVID, Australia’s favourite funk metallers Mammal have returned as only they know how. With a statement of intent. Mammal are back to point the funky finger of blame at those responsible for some of the atrocities of the world, with recent single Crime Scene introducing new bass player Kade […] …Continue Reading

A musical outlet forged during the recent pandemic, Melbourne music identities JK Parker and Tim Maxwell have combined to produce a fresh, new sound in an era where timing is everything.
Combining infectious pop, funk, rock and hip hop, JK Phony have released their latest single “Round” which can be listened to HERE
Continue reading JK PHONY Drop Single at HEAVY Magazine – Rock, Punk, Metal Music & Beyond. …Continue Reading

Background: With the power of three [but really two] dictators combined, let there be funky shred metal! Nuclear Power Trio is a [joke] band consisting of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Donald J Trump from the US of A. With their arsenals stockpiled together, they are the NUCLEAR…Continue Reading

The world can finally feel at peace!
Word has it that Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong Un have joined forces for the worlds first ever musical political supergroup, the Nuclear Power Trio.
The results can be heard on their debut EP A Clear and Present Rager, with the video for “Grab…Continue Reading