Abysmal affections to you and yours! This edition of Funeral Doom Friday is particularly special. The 2021 Roadburn Festival is livestreaming all its performances this year! The festival begins at 19:00 CEST today. Visit Roadburn Redux for more information on the many commissioned sets and exclusive performances taking place this year. Though there is no […]
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Somber salutations to you, doomers and gloomers. May your mausoleum be merry and your headstone uncluttered. May your epitaph be effortlessly etched. It’s Friday! Funeral Doom Friday to be precise. It’s warming up in some parts of the world. Which means the normal people – you know, those who enjoy sunlight and human contact – […]
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Mellow and humble greetings, doomers and gloomers! We’re having a bit of a different flavor here on Funeral Doom Friday today. Sometimes we all need to freebase some sludge. We need something grimy and caked with the foulest filth. Something that’s steeped way too long in its own putrid exctreta. And I mean that in […]
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Somber salutations gloomers and doomers! The ides of March shall soon descend upon us. Which means, in this hemisphere of the globe, winter is thawing. Alas, the beloved cold is fading away. Bur fret not! Funeral Doom Friday has arrived to extend offerings of the coldest music we can find.Continue Reading

Hello fellow doomers! Last Friday I celebrated another trip ‘round the sun. But in that time I’ve scrounged the miry depths to bring you the slowest, saddest, bleakest music out there.  Today’s Funeral Doom Friday includes new music from Rise To The Sky (Chile), Fragments of Lost Memories (Japan), and EirðContinue Reading

Gloomy greetings and solemn salutations to you and yours! The weekend is nigh. That means Funeral Doom Friday is here to siphon your hope and crush your dreams. Today, our weekly delve into the cryptic depths has disinterred something truly special. Woe Unto Me are eulogizing listeners with a brandContinue Reading

Welcome to Funeral Doom Friday, fellow doomers! Today is release day for one of the first mammoth albums of 2021. Omination’s second album NGR is out today on Hypnotic Dirge records. Omination overlord Fedor Kovalevsky began the project in 2015. Intending to write new material for his progressive death metalContinue Reading

The end of another week is upon us. And that means it’s time to ring in the weekend with the gloomiest, doomiest music available. Welcome, doomers, to another edition of Funeral Doom Friday! This week we’re exploring the upcoming debut of Sepulchros! In addition we’re disinterring albums from Bacterium andContinue Reading

Salutations doomers, and happy Friday! On this week’s edition of Funeral Doom Friday, we’re diving into new music from Arche, Illusion’s Play, Disrotted and Nadja. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Arche Many thanks to fellow Metal Injection writer Greg Kennelty for covering Transcending Obscurity’s 2021 label sampler, as it allowed usContinue Reading

Happy New Year doomers! Before we begin a proper delve into upcoming 2021 releases (and there are some truly spectacular ones on the way), I wanted to highlight a last-minute present. On Christmas Day, the funerary choir of Clouds surprised fans with an acoustic album. If you’ve been following them forContinue Reading