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Metal fans the world over rejoice!
Helloween are preparing to drop their latest self titled album – a release that many thought would never eventuate. Bass player Markus Grosskopf joined HEAVY for a chat about the album and the decision to continue after the Pumpkins United Tour.
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Powerhouse rockers Fozzy have dropped their breathtaking, unprecedented music video for “Sane”, filmed on the longest wooden rollercoaster on the planet.
Get a first-hand view of the madness as the band literally defies gravity, by reaching top speeds of 70 mph and terrifying drops of 154 feet! It’s an edgy, heart-stopping thrill ride that represents both the power and physicality of Fozzy’s music, along with the bombastic nature and “who gives a shit” attitude of their live show.
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Ahh, another year of the GRAMMYs and another year with the rock world feeling shafted. With the immeasurable loss of Eddie Van Halen in the last year, some rock fans were gearing up for some sort of tribute from the GRAMMYs, which was broadcast last night. Some felt what endedContinue Reading

Durbin is a new metal outfit created by vocalist James Durbin.
With a sound reminiscent of the early 80’s classics, Durbin will release The Beast Awakens in February next year.
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