Plus releases from Skarlett Riot, Seth, Moon Coven, Artillery, Book of Wyrms, and Aduanten.
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Another former girlfriend of shock rocker Marilyn Manson has come forward with allegations of abuse suffered at the hands of Manson. Actress Ashley Morgan Smithline is one of 15 women that have come forward in the last few months, ever since actress Evan Rachel Wood publicly named Manson as her abuser in February. In a […]
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The wake for drummer Brentnol McPherson, also known as Bonny Brent, sure was a unique one. Mostly because McPherson's body, instead of being laid out open casket style, was propped up behind his kit for one final performance. A video of the setup was posted by Covenant Funeral Homes Inc. on their YouTube channel. If […]
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Yesterday, Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco filed a suit against shock rocker Marilyn Manson real name Brian Warner) and his now-former manager, Tony Ciulla, claiming that Manson raped and sexually battered her, and that his manager helped traffic her to the States under the pretense of being in a music video. Manson, through an attorney, released a statement […]
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The controversial New York City hardcore show this past Saturday, April 24th, that was billed as a benefit concert for the New York City Firefighters Burn Foundation, is currently under investigation by the New York City Parks Department, the governing body which grants the permits for the shows. The event, which was attended by between 2,000 […]
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Synchronized dancing, cute sing-along vocals related to chocolate or girls in elevators. It’s great and all, but there are more female artists in Japan who are not interested in putting on a cute outfit, learning dance moves and being in the next idol group. There are girls doing harsher, darker, more dangerous styles of music […]
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