After a year of pandemic delays, English extreme metal legends Carcass have finally released their grotesque masterpiece and one of 2021’s most anticipated albums, Torn Arteries, out now from Nuclear Blast Records. Featuring 10 blood-soaked tracks like Kelly’s Meat Emporium, Dance of Ixtab and Under The Scalpel Blade, the band’s seventh record is a fusion of “the best elements of virtually every […] …Continue Reading

English extreme metal legends Carcass have released an animated video created by Costin Chioreanu (Opeth, Napalm Death) for their new single Dance of IXTAB (Psychopomp & Circumstance March No. 1 In B).
The song is taken from Carcass’ anticipated 7th studio album, Torn Arteries, that is out September 17 from Nuclear Blast Records. 
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English extreme metal legends Carcass have released a new album trailer in which they discuss the origins of their new single Kelly’s Meat Emporium. The song is featured on the band’s impending 7th studio album Torn Arteries that’s out September 17 with Nuclear Blast Records.
Torn Arteries is available for pre-order in a variety of bundles and formats, including CD, Box Set and limited-edition vinyl pressings.
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Ballarat extreme metal outfit Requiem are readying for the July 30 release of their split EP with Adelaide’s Shatter Brain by unleashing a monster of a single in Cruelty Of Time. 
One of three songs Requiem are contributing to the EP, Cruelty Of Time is a brutal slab of epic proportions guaranteed to rot your ears from the inside out.  
Zacharie Dunks joined HEAVY for a chat about the brutality of Requiem’s new song and how much further they can take it. 

“I think that song – we put out an album in 2018 – so that song we ended up writing after that album,” he recalled.
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Arizona’s Go Ahead And Die is proud to announce their self-titled debut album will be released on June 11 via Nuclear Blast Records. 
Born from the mind of creative writer and musician Igor Amadeus Cavalera of Healing Magic and extreme metal icon, and Soulfy leader Max Cavalera, the band’s tempos are wild with a contempt for modern social ills palpable; its riffs monstrous and captivating.
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Dutch extreme metallers Codex Mortis have released the music video for “Tainted Soul”.
The song is taken from the band’s debut album What Befalls of Tainted Souls which is due out April 2 via Vidar Records.
Watch “Tainted Soul” below:
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On April 16 Cannibal Corpse will release their fifteenth studio album, Violence Unimagined, via Metal Blade Records.
Comprised of eleven tracks, Violence Unimagined is state of the art death metal played with passion and breathless precision, making for another flawless addition to what is inarguably one of the premier catalogues the genre…Continue Reading

Spanish extreme metal duo MAL have released the second single from their forthcoming debut EP, Forma ViI, which will be released worldwide physically via Australian based extreme metal label Vicious Instinct Records on March 19.
It will also be available on all digital platforms.
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The Amenta have used their seven-year hiatus to methodically deconstruct and reimagine their already distinctive core sound: incorporating maximalist industrial black metal ballast, disturbingly cinematic ambient/noise textures, treated violin, dread acoustics and circuit-bent electronics into a labyrinthine set of infectious hymns to societal collapse which juxtapose dreamlike moments of strange calm…Continue Reading

February 19th marks the date of the official return of Australian avant-garde metal band The Amenta.
Their fourth album Revelator, a complex, yet highly engaging puzzle of nine compositions, is now released and officially available via EVP Recordings.
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