Featuring musicians plucked from obscurity to join Black Sabbath, Anthrax, Kiss, Exodus, and more.
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2019 saw Slayer, arguably the greatest thrash metal band of all time, perform their final shows and officially retire from the spotlight. Of course, the minute Slayer played their final notes, every metal fan on […]
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Turns out not only are My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt friends, but they’re trading guitars now! Iero gave Holt an old Dan Armstrong model Ampeg guitar, which is famous for having a removable pickup, and Holt presumably gave Iero something but we don’t knowContinue Reading

2019 revealed something that surprises some rock fans: many of rock and metal’s most hardcore musicians are diehard My Chemical Romance fans. When the New Jersey emo rock heavyweights announced their return to the stage […]
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