L-R: Orbital Extrema Current Line Up | Robin Stone (Drums) | Sean Dempsey (Guitar) | Sean Ryan (Bass) Tacoma, WA, USA’s Orbital Extrema aren’t ones to play by the rules, and their sixteen-track debut album “Apsis“, is a flawless example of how they are doing things differently. The galactic instrumental technical death metal album boasts […] …Continue Reading

California has an inhuman and ruthless heresy that bloodthirsts for the unholy callous dissonance and barbarous brutality of which we have unseen, Lost To The Void has a mission of remorselessness and an intentional tenacity to diversify death metal. With vigor, they are pleased to unleash their second album “Embrace in Disgust”, which will exemplify technical blistering riffs […] …Continue Reading

Sam Mooradian – Photo Credit – Craig Etchison Sam Mooradian is a progressive metal guitarist, composer, and creator based in Boston, USA. Since starting his guitar-centric YouTube channel, Mooradian has become the touring guitarist for Fallujah, co-founded band Inhale Existence, and has launched his self-titled solo project. He is ready to drop his debut album […] …Continue Reading

L-R – Reece Benoit (Rhythm Guitar), Jacob Broussard (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jake Meche (Lead Vocals) Photo Credit: Tyson Pate of CobraTai Photography Louisiana’s Gamerra is a good-time thrash band seeking the ultimate jam. Mixing in spicy doses of death metal and progressive metal, producing a sound akin to a fusion of Exodus and Death with the […] …Continue Reading

L-R Yotuma Current Lineup: Ella Rose (Bass) | Ben Van (Guitar) | Brevin Becker (Drums) | Ryan McAleavy (Vocals) Photographer: Sara Richter Madison, WI’s Yotuma is a fresh new sound out of the American Midwest with its brutal and groovy-inducing death metal. The quartet has something new for your headbanging palate with their latest single […] …Continue Reading

Apollo is the solo side project of one Kyle Prusky who brought in the expertise of Adrian Parcioaga to create an enthusiastic, heavy, and memorable concept EP revolving around the classic story of Dante and his descent into hell. “A Divine Comedy” takes the listener on a cathartic journey through breakdowns, growls, and aggressive riffs. […] …Continue Reading

L-R: Our Last Crusade Current Line Up | Keifer Hicks (Bass) | Adrian Parcioaga (Vocals) | Brady Schmidt (Guitar) | Kyle Prusky (Guitar) Photographer Credit: Jared Prusky Our Last Crusade hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and utilizes extended-range instruments to craft its take on modern deathcore. They have their sixth album “Death Wins” ready for […] …Continue Reading

L-R – Kyle Prusky (Guitars, Bass), Adrian Parcioaga (Vocals) Apollo is the creation of the dynamic duo of Kyle Prusky (guitars, bass) and Adrian Parcioaga (vocals) who, since working together in Our Last Crusade have developed excellent chemistry, which shines through in their heavy, atmospheric, progressive deathcore. They have been working away on their newest […] …Continue Reading

L-R – Chris Szymankiewicz – Guitar, Nick Smith – Vocals / Guitar, Jeremiah Maynard – Drums, Erik McEwen – Bass Photo Credit – Vance Valenzuela Texas’ High Fells goes against the grain in regards to live blackened metal performance, they are longtime listeners of all different walks of music, and together they are proudly releasing […] …Continue Reading

Evgeniy Bolshakov – All Instruments and Vocals Photo Credit – Vladislav Prokopyev (vlpro1) St. Petersburg. Russia’s Shinai was formed after Evgeniy Bolshakov’s previous band broke up. Looking to have full creative control and drive the direction of his endeavors, he started a new solo project last year and is now ready to show off the […] …Continue Reading