There’s a steadfastness to Reality Grey that’s vital to the music they make. While many bands have tried, floundered, and failed at the art of metalcore and melodeath, the Italian five-piece embrace the genre with […]
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If Japan’s death metal scene is a body, then Anatomia is a putrid cyst that’ll never drain or mend. The Tokyo-based two-piece have been making disgusting, goosebump-inducing death-doom for almost twenty years now, with each […]
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With the many ways in which death metal has evolved over the years, and the many splintered subgenres in which it now exists, it’s good to know a band like Sulphurous are out there making […]
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In a world choked with so many cumbersome, self-important subgenres of heavy music, it’s comforting to know that Demiser are out there ripping shit up for the Devil. The South Carolina-based quintet’s blackened thrash stampede […]
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It’s not that JRAL doesn’t like you, it’s more about looking at the world as one might look at water damage in an abandoned building. The noise-oriented rapper’s music may sound hostile to the point […]
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If you’re a fan of  VHS, you know that horror movies and death metal are about the only things they take seriously. The Thunder Bay, Ontario crew have their tongues planted firmly in their collective […]
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You gotta love a band like War Oprhan. While so many other acts are trying to push the boundaries of hardcore, these three dudes — whose combined musical pedigree includes Sick Of It All, Reach, […]
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When it comes to dread, gore, and the looming specter of death, Heads For The Dead are all-in. The British/German three-piece add gnarly old-school cruelty to their death metal, merging both infectious melody and murderous […]
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There’s something of a country boy inside of every hard rocker, and Johnny Nocash and The Celtic Outlaws are speaking right to ’em. The quartet hail from Canada, but they sound like they could call […]
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There are a few universal truths in this world: the sky is blue, burgers are delicious, and Revolting fucking rule. Since the release of 2009’s Dreadful Pleasures, the Swedish three-piece, led by Rogga Johnson (known for […]
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