With a name like theirs, no one expects A Good Rogering to play light-hearted rock music for an easy audience. That said, the band also don’t exactly perform the high-flying pirate metal their title might […]
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It’s unsurprising that Killer Hill‘s music feels like it could come out either today or in 1993. The LA-based trio feature two members of alt-metal heavyweights Helmet, making their connection to the heyday of alternative […]
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Over the course of just under a decade, Ontario-based horror hounds VHS have wrecked the spinal cords of maniacs the world over. The ghoulish death metal trio have found countless ways to celebrate the late-night […]
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When it comes to total horror worship, Heads For The Dead are hard to beat. The international death metal act, which features bands like Revel In Flesh, Gorefest, Massacre, and Hail of Bullets in their […]
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Knoxville, Tennessee, might not be a city one associates with sweeping occult death metal, but Summoner’s Circle are about to put it on the ancient, blood-spattered map. With their new album Chaos Vector, the six-piece sonic […]
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It is unsurprising that Fulci have a good eye for visual media. The Italian death metal band are literally named after one of horror’s most interesting and legendary directors. Not only that, but on their […]
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You have to give it to Mountain Caller: they’re making the old feel new again. The London-based three-piece’s music is a mixture of prog, hard rock, and stoner doom — genres that immediately evoke a […]
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There’s a steadfastness to Reality Grey that’s vital to the music they make. While many bands have tried, floundered, and failed at the art of metalcore and melodeath, the Italian five-piece embrace the genre with […]
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If Japan’s death metal scene is a body, then Anatomia is a putrid cyst that’ll never drain or mend. The Tokyo-based two-piece have been making disgusting, goosebump-inducing death-doom for almost twenty years now, with each […]
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With the many ways in which death metal has evolved over the years, and the many splintered subgenres in which it now exists, it’s good to know a band like Sulphurous are out there making […]
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