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Metal fans the world over rejoice!
Helloween are preparing to drop their latest self titled album – a release that many thought would never eventuate. Bass player Markus Grosskopf joined HEAVY for a chat about the album and the decision to continue after the Pumpkins United Tour.
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Left-field metal luminaries Enslaved have revealed the next audiovisual gem taken from their forthcoming Cinematic Tour 2020 live releases.
As part of their 30th-anniversary revelries, the band has today premiered a live video for their single “Fenris”. A classic track from their early arsenal – though black metal to its core, “Fenris” nevertheless hinted at their kosmische obsessions that lurked behind the curtain.
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Enslaved is the latest band to pay tribute to recently-deceased Entombed vocalist Lars-Göran “LG” Petrov. Petrov passed away on March 7 at 49 years old after a short battle with incurable bile duct cancer. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. In their tribute, Enslaved credits Entombed as one of their firstContinue Reading

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TV Haugaland producer Dag Olav Husås embarks homeward with Norwegian legends Enslaved in new docu-series.
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