Over the past 12 months since their formation, and the release of their EP Time Is Distance, Echoes In Eternity have been pumping out track after track. Each time, managing to discover new levels in their songwriting ability while exploring the boundaries within the various genres they have become known for. Into The Negative, which […] …Continue Reading

After their recent single Retaliate, Echoes In Eternity have announced the release of yet anotherblistering single from their upcoming album, Into The Negative, due out in April. This new single, Not Anymore, was a last minute inclusion after the band was pushed to findone more track for the album. As the guys retracted to the […] …Continue Reading

Retaliate, the latest track from Adelaide’s Echoes In Eternity, is set to explode a few eardrums from today. The brainchild of acclaimed songwriter and guitarist Aidan Cibich of Apophis and ex-Double Dragon vocalist Lee ‘Liggy’ Gardiner, the dynamic duo have been joined by drummer Andrew Parkinson (Blood Covered Shovel, Officer Down and In:Extremis), bassist Jason […] …Continue Reading

“We found our little pocket that we feel sounds like only us.” Adelaide heavy metal outfit Echoes In Eternity are preparing to release their debut full length album Into The Negative in the first half of this year, armed with the backing of their freshly signed deal with Dark Escapes Music. Dark Escapes is a […] …Continue Reading

VIEW HEAVY AUSTRALIAN ARTISTS DIGIMAG #61 HERE Plenty happening in Aussie music this week, starting with news of the new album from Echoes In Eternity, plus their signing to Dark Escapes. We catch up with the band for all the latest on that, with Totally Unicorn, Bodyjar and Sit Down In Front also stopping by […] …Continue Reading