On January 19, the day before the inauguration of President Joe Biden, The Atlantic published a piece titled What to Do With Trumpists written by Graeme Wood. In the piece, Wood called the Trump administration “the political equivalent of the Insane Clown Posse” and said its ending was “in JuggaloContinue Reading

The ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ will grant “Turkey legal rights over the vast religio-cultural heritage of the region’s indigenous peoples and other minority populations.”
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In November, Schaffer promised “bloodshed” if the “criminal mafia that been in the shadows running the world” does not step aside.
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Hey, remember when Donald Trump’s faith advisor Paula White had a prayer service to help get Trump re-elected, and it totally worked? Me either! But you can at least enjoy the insanity with a metal backing courtesy of Andre Antunes. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Andre also offered a secondContinue Reading

After donating $3,000 to Trump in October, he has the gall to claim that he’s “not a political person.”
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