Out Now Words by Kris Peters Brisbane metal outfit Adriatic are a difficult bunch to classify. Put loosely they are a hardcore djent-dominated slice of musical aggression, but when you throw traditional Bulgarian leanings and splatterings of raw, unbridled aggression the sonic palate starts to enter more digestible territory. Known for their frenetic live shows, […] …Continue Reading

Being an emerging band anywhere in the world in the modern age is a battle of attrition. Not only do you have to compete with the thousands of other bands releasing songs on a daily basis, but you also have to build a fan base while at the same time forging your own musical direction […] …Continue Reading

Circles‘ storm continues with the release of their most dynamic track yet, Echo out October 19. Echo and its accompanying music video comes as the third single of their upcoming EP The Stories We Are Afraid Of | Vol.1, the first part of the Melbourne progressive metal titan’s two-part concept record, out November 25. Continuing […] …Continue Reading

Evgeniy Bolshakov – All Instruments and Vocals Photo Credit – Vladislav Prokopyev (vlpro1) St. Petersburg. Russia’s Shinai was formed after Evgeniy Bolshakov’s previous band broke up. Looking to have full creative control and drive the direction of his endeavors, he started a new solo project last year and is now ready to show off the […] …Continue Reading

Also includes Megadeth, Meshuggah, and oh yeah, the Oscars slap.
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Atomic Fire 1 April 2022 Words by Metal V Here in the ongoing shit show we acknowledge as 2022, Sweden’s maestros of extreme musical excellence, Meshuggah, are nine studio albums into their metal genre-defining career and STILL as relevant today as they were when their first release Contradictions Collapse was unleashed upon our unsuspecting existence […] …Continue Reading

Napalm Records Out Now Words by Jimmy Glinster Persefone. Who? I’ve never heard of ‘em? Apparently, they are from Andorra. Yeah, I’ve never heard of that place either. Anyway, let’s not let an unknown name and country get in the way of a good yarn. Let’s see what this extreme progressive metal outfit has to […] …Continue Reading

Out now Wild Thing Records Words by Lewd Scoff Where do I begin? Melbourne, Australia, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Forget those who slow poison themselves with preservatives but won’t injest the soup, they should be protesting over how good The Omnific are, and how criminally underrated mainstream society treats […] …Continue Reading