Once again, the Heavy Hand of Doom swingeth.  Another fat slab of righteous riffery is instore as the third instalment of the DOOMSDAY ritual draws nearer at Frankies Pizza on May 2, featuring Pod People, Lucifungus, Celestial Oath and Hekate.
The uninitiated can expect an expedition into the deep n’ darkly dimension of the Australian Stoner, Desert & Doom scenes.
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Melbourne stoner/rock/desert outfit The Balls have never been a band to sit by idle while the world and its music passes them by.
They are more cut from the pro-active mould, churning out albums quicker than most people change drinking habit at a rate of three in the last four years.
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Swedish sludge/doom outfit Spelljammer have announced their first album in five years, Abyssal Trip.
Abyssal Trip perfectly bridges the band‘s earlier desert rock leanings and their later massive, slow-burning riffs.
Spelljammer have released the single “Lake” which can be viewed below:
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Stone Deaf have released their latest single “Cloven Hoof” which is lifted from their upcoming album Killers.
“Cloven Hoof” is the follow up to previous single “Polaroid”, blending desert and stoner rock with an old school punk edge.
Listen to “Cloven Hoof” below:
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