For nearly two decades deathcore outfit Carnifex have managed to push themselves musically further which each release. Although fitting snuggly into their chosen extreme metal genre, the band have also experimented both within and outside of the conventional parameters of their music, peeling back layers while simultaneously structuring new passages along the way. “I kind […] …Continue Reading

Watch UK’s hardcore tech death crushers Burner get elbows swinging in their new performance video for “Hurt Locker.”
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California has an inhuman and ruthless heresy that bloodthirsts for the unholy callous dissonance and barbarous brutality of which we have unseen, Lost To The Void has a mission of remorselessness and an intentional tenacity to diversify death metal. With vigor, they are pleased to unleash their second album “Embrace in Disgust”, which will exemplify technical blistering riffs […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne-based blackened deathcore group Mélancolia share the video for HissThroughRottenTeeth, the title track from their debut album of the same name released April 21 via Greyscale Records and Nuclear Blast Records. HissThroughRottenTeeth immerses listeners in a torturous tale of birth, life and death, chronicling a fallen deity cast down from a godly realm and met […] …Continue Reading

After dropping standalone single Amongst the Low & Empty last month, Pittsburgh deathcore unit Signs Of The Swarm are back today to reveal their upcoming fifth full-length of the same name: Amongst the Low & Empty will be unleashed via Century Media Records on July 28. To coincide with this announcement, the band has dropped […] …Continue Reading

Seldom does a band come along and deliver a debut album as good as Melancolia have done with HissThroughRottenTeeth. It is an album that captures elements of a plethora of metal genres, with the label winning out being blackened deathcore. But this is so much more. Equal parts sonic density coupled with an overwhelming blanket […] …Continue Reading

Greyscale Records & Nuclear Blast Records April 21 Words by Jimmy Glinster What better way to celebrate Easter than to listen to some blackened deathcore based on a torturous tale of the birth, life and death of a fallen deity, cast down from a godly realm and met with the punishment of reincarnating as a […] …Continue Reading

Melbourne-based blackened deathcore group Mélancolia deliver the second chapter of their story with new single, [Inure], releasing as the sophomore single from their debut album, HissThroughRottenTeeth, out Friday April 21 via Greyscale Records and Nuclear Blast Records. [Inure] invites listeners into Mélancolia’s world of unease and doom, thematically inspired by sadomasochism and how it is […] …Continue Reading

Including bands like Victim of Deception, Prompts, and Crystal Lake.
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Apollo is the solo side project of one Kyle Prusky who brought in the expertise of Adrian Parcioaga to create an enthusiastic, heavy, and memorable concept EP revolving around the classic story of Dante and his descent into hell. “A Divine Comedy” takes the listener on a cathartic journey through breakdowns, growls, and aggressive riffs. […] …Continue Reading