Last week, the world rejoiced when famed actor and musical sensation David Hasselhoff revealed his new metal song, “Through The Night.” For millions of fans (maybe), hearing the Hoff perform power metal vocals was a […]
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Folks, by now, we are assuming you’ve heard David Hasselhoff’s new metal song, “Through the Night?” The Hoff collaborated with two-man metal group Cuestack to release the standalone single and shock metalheads everywhere with his Howard Jones-esque vocal range. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. But how did the Hoff getContinue Reading

Earlier this year, it was revealed that German metal duo CueStack had written a track with none other than Baywatch star and musical sensation David Hasselhoff. Now, the band have released their collaboration with the ‘Hoff, […]
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A few weeks back we noted that TV icon David Hasselhoff was working on a new metal song with  two-man metal group Cuestack. They launched a Kickstarter to fund a new music video. It was a success and today the video was released. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. The group wereContinue Reading