Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985, VIO-LENCE instilled themselves as groundbreakers of the second wave of thrash with their revered 1988 album Eternal Nightmare. Throughout ’88 and ’89, VIO-LENCE toured the album to great success alongside thrash comrades Testament, Voivod, Death Angel, Sanctuary, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I., M.O.D. and the Cro-Mags. In ’89, Megaforce Records/Atlantic signed the band, leading to the release of the bands’ second […] …Continue Reading

Pop punk quartet So Long, Space Girl was formed by bassist Paul Coppock and drummer Anina Barrett in 2019. Joined by frontman/guitarist AJ Willis, they beavered away on a host of demos, refined their line up, and played a handful of gigs. Stuck at home due to the pandemic, they knuckled down and focused their […] …Continue Reading

Day Clinic is the screeching and kicking child of four sound-nomads who have left their homes in Israel, Spain, Germany, and the UK and relocated to the Berlin in order to start forging in 2018 their mixture of cold, 80´s inspired Post-Punk, Alternative Rock and Heavy-Psych as relentless and heterogenous as the city where it´s created. […] …Continue Reading

“Usurp The Throne” is the new full-length by the Norway-based black/viking metal outfit UBUREN, following the album “And The Mountains Weep” released in 2019. The new effort is composed of eight tracks, united by a vision of God as a being who deceives through false prophecies and who enjoys playing with the destinies of men, rather than […] …Continue Reading

“To Whom It May Concern.. Fuck You” is the debut EP by the Montreal-based crash metal act IRON ASPARAGUS, following the two singles “Mr. Molotov” and “Diamond in the Dirt”, released at the end of 2022 and both included in the EP. “To Whom It May Concern.. Fuck You” is a short work with an incendiary and sarcastic […] …Continue Reading

The lyrics of “Dreams & Realities I” involve psychedelic experiences and visual trips that involve emotions experienced during the episode of optical visions. Each track is a product of a certain trip, enlightened and put into musical art. The album is a first part experience of the dreams and realities project wherein there is a hazy connection […] …Continue Reading

Marc Urselli‘s thrilling project STEPPENDOOM amalgamates indigenous throat singers from around the globe with the cream of doom metal!  Among many others, the renowned artists who answered three-time Grammy Award winner Marc Urselli‘s call include Matt Pike (SLEEP, HIGH ON FIRE), Aaron Aedy (PARADISE LOST), Steve Von Till (NEUROSIS), Christopher Juul (HEILUNG), Dave Chandler (SAINT VITUS), Lori S. […] …Continue Reading

Life’s Grand Delusion” is the debut album by the Malta-based alternative/melodic metal outfit DAMAGED & CO. The full-length is composed of eleven tracks (including one instrumental), written in a time span of four years, showcasing different influences from metalcore, dark/symphonic metal, and alternative metal. What makes “Life’s Grand Delusion” so brilliant and unique is the band’s ability in […] …Continue Reading

Founded in February 2009, DISMINDED knew relatively quickly in which direction they should go musically: dramatic melodies, hard grooves and fast thrashy parts meet profound, unadorned lyrics, straight from the deepest abysses of the soul: despair, fear, addiction, betrayal, and violence. The best ingredients for solid death metal with a decent old school touch! After two highly […] …Continue Reading

Madness / Medicine by As Paradise Falls is a 5 track EP that will defy what a two-piece band is capable of. With the influence of this modern Grime & Hip-Hop, old-school Deathcore and a futuristic look on how their music should be perceived, the band teamed up with longtime friend & producer Shane Edwards (Northlane, Trophy Eyes, Hellions) at Studio […] …Continue Reading