A chat with The Night Flight Orchestra is much like their albums – serious but fun. Recently HEAVY Magazine’s David Griffiths spoke to the band’s David Andersson and discovered that just like their fans that their new album Aeromantic II was the album that the band needed in order to escape the panademic funk that […] …Continue Reading

With the events of this year causing so many artists to change their plans for 2020 any music fan out there could be forgiven for thinking that this could be a year where the musical highlights were of pretty low standard. Someone forgot to tell Soilwork that though.
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“The whole QAnon conspiracy where the world is ruled by pedophile Jews or whatever [laughs]. It’s like, where do you come up with that stuff?”
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David discusses becoming a major songwriter in Soilwork and his experiences with Covid-19 through his day job as a doctor.
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