Australia’s heavy metal talent is undeniable in the present age, a fact accentuated by the recent release of Cathedral Of Bones from Sydney thrash outfit Flaming Wreckage.
Mixing old school thrash mentality with melodic death metal and elements of groove metal, Flaming Wreckage have created a sound that is as timeless as…Continue Reading

Flaming Wrekage are one of those bands that consistently deliver.
Be it through their music, recordings, or live performances the band has always given 100% and has been rewarded by a solid fan base that grows considerably with each passing month.
With their latest single “The Voiceless” out now, vocalist/guitarist Dave Lupton sat…Continue Reading

Flaming Wrekage have released their latest metal masterpiece with new single “The Voiceless”.
True to form “The Voiceless” and its upcoming video clip dive deep into some truly personal territory. Sonically, the song is classic melodeath styles delivered with that Flaming Wrekage flair complemented by a chorus and hook that grow in…Continue Reading